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  1. Warming Tray

    Warming Tray

    Add extra space to your stove top with a warming tray. Learn More

  2. Water Heater

    Water Heater

    Heat up water that is safe for cooking and drinking use. Learn More

  3. Grate


    Required for burning coal or briquettes. Learn More

  4. Elbow



  5. Reducer



  6. Brass Faucet

    Brass Faucet

    Brass Faucet for water heater.; turn ball valve, for quick on/off and maximum flow. Comes with double o-ring nut for complete seal. Learn More

  7. Rubber Stove Jack

    Rubber Stove Jack

    Rubber Stove Jack; Flexible rubber stove jack with stands temperatures to 700 degrees. With thicker ring around pipe to divert water around the stovepipe. Can be sewn in.; *NOTE: please specify which size you need from the menu below. Learn More

  8. Tent Fly

    Tent Fly

    Using a fly provides an extra layer on the roof which helps keep tent cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Made of 4 oz. tex-tex Which is 100% waterproof and UV protected has slick finish to allow snow to slide off. Fly may extend slightly longer or wider than it's indicated size. . Comes with 6" stove jack to match tent stove jack location. Includes ropes. white color. Learn More

  9. Tent Floor

    Tent Floor

    Made to fit your tent exactly, made of 18 oz. coverlite, and is similar to a semi truck tarp, 100% waterproof, has grommets around perimeter, section can be cut out for stove location. Learn More

  10. Tent Divider

    Tent Divider

    Provides privacy in tent for mixed company, dressing area, bathroom etc. Attaches the same way as screen doors, can be installed every 3 feet on A-Frames or anywhere on internal frames, same material as tent.; Divider panels come in a set of 2, so they span across the width of the tent. Learn More

  11. Screen Door

    Screen Door

    Zip - in screens can be removed when not needed, this minimizes wear and tear. If screens ever need repair / replacement they can be sent separately no need to send entire tent. Learn More

  12. Tent Porch

    Tent Porch

    All of our porches are 9' long.; You will also need the porch frame in order to use this porch as it is not included.; Learn More

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